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nate seasons 1-4

I was re-watching season 1 of six feet under and it was during the season finale of season 1 that it hit me. Nate's finally had so much happen to him that he just can't come back from it anymore. We all have stressful events in our lives but once in a while comes something that we just can't come back from. Losing Lisa was this event for Nate. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the end of season one, and is still able to go to work and help comfort a grieving woman. He is still able to see the beauty of life around him. Rico's baby's christianing is going on around him and he has brenda in his arms. But the amazing thing is that he is able to overlook his own drama and help someone and enjoy life. That is a sad contrast to the Nate of this season.

Just my two cents.
Does anyone else have any thoughts???
Feel free to comment with thoughts on Nate or SFU in general.
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