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Just wanted to share with some Peter fans!!!

Yesterday I saw Peter Krause live onstage in After the fall. It was amazing and brought me to tears. He was brilliant and was onstage EVERY minute of the play. He has such intensity. He blew me away. And god is he sexy!!!! and tall *purrr*

Afterwards I got to meet Peter. No pictures were allowed which was fine with me. I got his autograph and he sweetly asked my name and where I was from. I Told him, "You were so amazing. I can't believe the intensity you maintained the entire perfomance. You blew me away." He smiled and said thanks. There were some SportsNight groupies who told him to name any episode and they could quote it. Sounds exciting for Peter huh?? Yeah, he didn't think so either ;) Some lady said she wishes she could see the range from After the Fall in 6FU. I thought that was rude and said to her that Nate Fisher is an amazing character and that Peter does a wonderful job. Nate is devestating and goes through so much!!! How can you NOT see range there???

Yeah, so I was giddy and squealy the whole way home. Afterall I did get to touch Peter's arm (while I was talking to him.) *purrrr*

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