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now that there's a few members here, let's discuss stuff! ;)

Just a reminder but ANYTHING regarding season 4 should be put behind an LJ cut! Not eveveryone is able to catch the show when it first airs so as a courtesy to the members of this community please LJ cut any talk of season 4. Otherwise your post will be deleted! Thanks, your kindly moderator! :)

Anyway, did anyone run out and buy the second season on DVD? I did and its insane watching the 2nd season right along with the fourth season. Especially regarding Nate and Brenda.

Its interesting watching the deterioration of Brenda and Nate in season two and also watch them reconcile and build a new kind of relationship in season 4. In some ways they have grown a lot and in some ways it feels as though they are repeating the same mistakes. Nate is still not telling Brenda certain things (like about burying Lisa's body or much about Lisa's family,) and Brenda while she isn't cheating on Nate she seems attracted by him being closed off to her. I hope that I am wrong about that part because I want Brenda to be in a fully functional relationship. I thought that's what she had with Joe but she was only using him as a Nate substitute. She even told her mom that she was starting a family with Joe because she didn't feel like it was an option with Nate. Now that it is an option that's all she wants. And I think she might have blinders to everything else right now. Like all the stress that Nate is currently going through with trying to maintain full custody of Maya. I have to say whatever happens, they are one fascinating couple. And its nice to see a couple where its not always "rainbows and butterflies, its compromise that moves them along." Its defintely true to life in that respect.
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